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Mi favorito como ya les dije es brian

Es por eso que decidí hacer una pagina solo para el ¡¡



Si a ustedes tambien les gusta brian... envienme datos sobre el¡¡


Algunos de sus grandes detalles:


Fullname: Brian Thomas Littrell
Nicknames: B-Rok, Mr. Joker, Seaver, Frick According to the I'll Never Break Your Heart single, Brian says the nick B-Rok, came from a basketball term, "shoot some rocs "

Birthdate: 20-02-1975

Place of birth: Lexington, Kentucky, USA

Place of residence: Orlando, Florida, U.S.A

Height: 1.70 m

Hair: Blond. He bleached it to a lighter shade in the Get Down video. It seems to be back to its original color now.

Eyes: Blue

Family: His father's name is Harold and he works for IBM and his mom, Jackie is a secretary (she works for a dentist.), an older brother, Harold. Brian is Kevin's cousin.

Relationships: Liked this girl in high school, but she went for someone else. Later, when she liked him, he didn't like her anymore coz she didn't turn out to be the kind of girl he thought she was!!

Accessories: Now, in the music videos, we see Brian with ear-studs on both ears. But when he came to Singapore recently, no ear-rings were spotted on him. But, in a recent UK mag, the ear-rings are back again! A gold chain on his neck in one of the videos, and in the UK mag. A silver chain with a big cross in the 'Get Down' video. Once, he got from Australia, a gold chain with a pendant with B-rok on it. Brian says he loves this chain a lot!

Musical Instruments: Plays the trumpet and the guitar

Pets: Missy, a cat; Tyke, a chihuahua

Favorite music: Boyz 2 Men, Shai, Jodeci

Favorite color: Midnight blue

Favorite food: Macaroni with cheese

Hobbies: Swimming, movies

Sports: Basketball, golf

Biggest fear: Fear of heights (me too!!)

Bad Habit: Biting his nails

Type of girl he likes: Blond-haired or with light brown hair, blue-eyed, nice legs and long nails. Intelligent, good sense of humour, determination and lots of energy. He also finds independance really sexy and wouldn't mind if the girl has a successful career.

Experience: Backstreet Boys is his first big gig. Before Backstreet Boys, Brian sang mainly in church, weddings. He looks at singing as a talent that God gave him.

Experiencia: de niño cantaba en el coro de la iglesia de su barrio, y en la adolescencia cantaba en fiestas y en bodas. A diferencia de los demás miembros del grupo, Brian no estuvo relacionado con el mundo del espectáculo hasta que le llegó la oportunidad de integrar los BSB.

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